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STORE CUPBOARD SPA - Illuminating Yogurt Exfoliator

This is a fabulous treatment to help brighten and zing up your skin. It's particularly effective at banishing ashy skin and boosting radiance. It also works wonders at unclogging horrid pores and clarifying skin prone to congestion & breakouts. Yogurt is a terrific natural skincare ingredient as it's chock full of gorgeous lactic acid which not only acts as a gentle exfoliant but also has a gentle bleaching action making it rather fab at brightening dull skin. Plain old white sugar is also perfect for skin as its not just rich in glycolic acid (just like lactic acid, this is a natural alpha hydroxy acid) to gently banish those horrid dead skin cells but its gentle enough not to tear or damage skin. 

Here's What You Need a teeny little bowl  3 tbsp of natural yogurt  2 tsp of granulated sugar (nothing fancy just the regular stuff)

Step One - Mix together the yogurt & sugar in a small bowl. 
Step Two - Gently massage the mixture into freshly cleansed skin. Massage into the …

BEAUTY SCHOOL - Revitalizing Eye Treatment

The skin around your eyes is exceedingly thin, delicate and very fragile indeed! For those very reasons it's the first place to show signs of a weary spirit and stressed lifestyle. Dark shadows, puffiness and those horrid little dryness lines are all signs that you need to take time out and treat yourself to a simple reviving treatment. My Revitalizing Eye Treatment is a stupendously easy, utterly relaxing and works a treat. The combination of soothing Chamomile Flower Water and regenerating Argan Eye Balm will ensure your skin is super moisturized, deliciously plumptious and perfectly renewed.

Here's What You Need Chamomile Flower Water Argan Eye Balm Oval Cotton Pads

Step One - Place four cotton pads in a small bowl (or teacup) and pour on enough Chamomile Flower Water to completely drench the pads. Cover bowl with cling film (or saran wrap for my lovely North American readers!) and place in fridge for about half an hour. 
Step Two - Take a small amount of your Argan Eye Balm and …

Store Cupboard Spa - Skin Brightening Tomato Treatment

As we reach the end of summer you may find that your skin is looking a little bit dull and dingy! The combination of hot, humid weather & rich sunscreens can cause your skin to become congested and prone to breakouts. My simple Skin Brightening Tomato Treatment will help gently smooth, soothe and brighten your skin. Tomatoes do make a wonderful treatment for acne prone skin as they are not only rich in Vitamin A & C but also have a gentle astringent action and can really help reduce the build of of sebum, dirt and other ickyness that clog up pores.  Add just a dash of Lemon to help brighten and tighten skin and you have the perfect treatment to banish blemishes and boost radiance. Skin Brightening Tomato Treatment 2 medium sized Tomatoes ½ lemon oval cotton pads Slice the tomatoes in half and scoop out all the middle (pulp, seeds and all!) directly into a bowl. Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon. Then with a dinky little hand blender blitz for a few seconds until completely liqui…

Vegan Friendly Skincare

After an absolute eternity of searching and researching I have finally found the perfect Vegan alternative to Beeswax. As you know I REFUSE to use Palm Oil and no longer use Soy, so I needed to find an ethically sourced, Vegan friendly alternative to Beeswax. So now (drum roll please!), I am delighted to introduce fabulous Almond Wax to my list of gloriously effective ingredients. Almond Wax is chock full of delectable skin loving nutrients and makes the perfect addition to my balms. It creates a rich balm that nourishes and protects skin.

Bespoke Beauty

Gosh, it was so, so lovely to discover that my skincare range was chosen to appear in the gorgeous "Bespoke Buys" feature in the February edition of Easy Living magazine. To read more amazing press reviews of the range just click on - "Fab Press Reviews".

Phenomenal Fennel Nourish Oil

Did you catch the fab, fab review of my phenomenal Fennel Nourish Oil on the Interview site? If not, take a peek at it  - "Winter Relief For Seasonally Effective Beauty".

the leg room: Great Kate: this week's guest postette

Oooh, I'm so, so, so delighted to have been invited to be this week's guest blogger on the oh, so fabulous Leg Room blog so click on the link below and read on....

the leg room: Great Kate: this week's guest postette: "Meet Kate.  Yes, another brilliant Kate (is it possible?)  This is Kate Logan, facialist, aromatherapist and creator of Kate Logan Aromather..."